Add a splash of colour to your personalised newspaper with these new features

Make your own personalised newspaper - Happiedays

Celebrate your special moments in life with a unique and original token

Are you celebrating an anniversary soon and are you looking for a special memento? Are you throwing a birthday bash and are you out for unique invitations? Or are you attending a wedding and are you in search of an original gift idea? Whatever the occasion, we’re always looking for a unique and original way to celebrate those special moments with that extra touch.

Easier said than done, you might think! How, exactly, do you come by that extra touch? How do you make sure your token is original enough, unique enough, creative enough? The answer isn’t as complicated as you’d think: make it as personal as you can! Why? Because “personal” is evidence that you’ve really taken the time and effort to come up with something special. And nothing beats the sentimental value of time and effort! I mean, who wouldn’t love a personal, meaningful gift? And what’s more personal than a homemade, personalised newspaper?

Create your own personalised newspaper with Happiedays

Looking to make your own birthday, anniversary, wedding, school, retirement or club newspaper? Then head over to our website and get started immediately! With the help of our online editor, you can create your own newspaper as well as have it printed and delivered to you at home.

You don’t need to be an artistic wunderkind to create your own newspaper. Let your creative juices flow and have fun! With just a few texts, images and other fun content, you’ll be on your way as editor-in-chief of your own newspaper! Get started immediately with the templates we’ve prepared for you or start with a blank template if you want to start from scratch.

And for a delicious little extra, personalise your newspapers for a completely customised edition. At no extra costs! Dedicate your newspaper entirely to your recipient by adding personal anecdotes, highlights and photos. By adapting and personalising each newspaper, you can ensure that everyone receives their own personalised copy, delivered to their doorsteps! It doesn’t get more personal than that, does it?

Brighten up your newspaper with our new icons

We’ve got a surprise in store for you! As of this moment, you can brighten up your unique newspapers with our brand-new icons! From funky backgrounds to quirky lines, and from stylish arrows to groovy speech bubbles, we’ve got it all! Choose your favourite icons and give your personalised newspaper an extra playful touch! Just click, drag and add a splash of colour!

We even have icons made expressly for special occasions! Celebrating a wedding, for instance? Then brighten up your wedding newspaper with turtle doves, wedding bells and bridal bouquets! Throwing a birthday bash, rather? Then feature your birthday invitations with balloons, presents and birthday cake! Pretty cool, right?

With a little creativity, you can turn your newspaper into a truly original masterpiece. So, which icon will you be featuring in your newspaper?

Celebrate your best moments with the Happiedays gang!

Meet Grannie Pat, Uncle Tom, Misty the cat and the whole Happiedays gang! Get to know everyone with a new Happiedays stickers!

Do you know who’s who yet? You may have come across some of the gang already! Grannie Pat turned 78 and had her children and grandchildren surprised her with her very own special birthday newspaper. Uncle Finn and Auntie Ellis tied the knot in Paris and had a special edition wedding newspaper made to commemorate the event. Mama Lisa and Papa Clive celebrated their 30th anniversary with festivities that headlined their very own anniversary newspaper. And little Charlie invited everyone to his end-of-year party with a school newspaper dedicated entirely to his class!

They’ve shared their unique moments with you, now they want to help celebrate yours. Let everyone join in your special day with our Happiedays stickers. There’s no better way to add extra colour to your one-of-a-kind newspaper!

Make your own personalised newspaper - Happiedays

Relive your best moments with a unique and original newspaper. With just a little creativity you can undoubtedly come up with a real masterpiece! We’re excited to see what you come up with next!