Make a retirement newspaper to thank your colleague

Create and print a retirement newspaper with the help of our newspaper templates and online newspaper generator

Make a newspaper with your smartphone

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A unique farewell gift

Do you know someone who’s worked at the company for years and who's about to retire? Don’t let this moment go by unnoticed! Give your colleague the send-off they deserve with a unique farewell gift to thank them for all the years of hard work and for the wonderful times spent together.

With a personalised retirement newspaper from Happiedays, you can show your appreciation and take a moment to wish them well. Take this opportunity to look back on their career, to share your favourite memories, and to send your well-wishes for the future. A personalised newspaper is the perfect retirement gift to see someone off!

Happiedays make your own newspaper retirement farewell gift

A special retirement party invitation

Are you planning a surprise party at the office for your colleague who is about to retire? Or have you reached retirement age and want to throw a farewell party before you go? Make your own personalised retirement newspaper to invite your guests and you’ll be guaranteed a higher turnout!

Do you want to make sure you haven’t left out any important information? Be sure to check out this checklist for your retirement party invitation!

Happiedays make your own newspaper retirement party invitation

A retirement newspaper for Ivan

"Ivan would always brighten our day and we all had a real soft spot for him! So when we heard Ivan was going to retire we decided we wanted to do something special for him, to thank him for all those great years together. We decided on a personalised retirement newspaper."

make your own retirement newspaper - Happiedays
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