Make a birthday newspaper to say hip, hip, hooray!

Create and print a birthday newspaper with the help of our newspaper templates and online newspaper generator

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Surprise a friend with their own personalised birthday newspaper

You know what they say: the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune! So why not pull out all the stops and shower your loved one with the attention they deserve? Because no matter how old you are, every birthday is worth celebrating! That’s why Happiedays wants to give you the chance to wish someone a happy birthday in a unique and original way. Having trouble finding the right birthday gift? A personalised birthday newspaper is the perfect solution!

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Some fun ideas

A unique birthday gift

Although we may claim we don’t want anything for our birthday, it’s always fun to have family or friends surprise us with an unexpected gift. And the best gifts are definitely those that have had a lot of thought and effort put into! So why not make someone feel extra special on their birthday with a unique and personalised birthday newspaper from Happiedays? A paper entirely dedicated to them? They’ll love it!

Happiedays personalised birthday newspaper

A fun birthday invitation

Are you throwing the ultimate birthday bash and are you looking to impress your guests with a fun and creative invitation? Why not do it with your own personalised birthday newspaper? With the help of our online editor, creating your own birthday invitation is a piece of cake (pun intended!). And by taking full creative control, you can ensure that your invitation is truly one of kind.

Do you want to make sure you haven’t left out any important information? Be sure to check out this checklist for your birthday invitation!

Happiedays personalised birthday newspaper
Getting started on your personalised birthday newspaper