Everything you need to know about your newspaper!

What size is my newspaper?

Your newspaper will have page size 280 x 400 mm, with a print area of 250 x 370 mm. This is the usual tabloid format.

Is my newspaper made from real newsprint?

Yes! At Happiedays, we use real newsprint to give your newspaper that authentic look and feel.

Newspapers with fewer than 12 pages are printed on slightly firmer newsprint. That way your newspaper is easier to hold and leaf through. By contrast, newspapers with more than 16 pages are printed on a lighter-weight newsprint. Both types of newsprint are environment-friendly and are FSC certified.

Why are there print marks on my newspaper?

The use of print marks are technical requirements that allow us to process your order efficiently. These print marks are found on the outer margins of your newspaper (outside of the print area) and have no bearing on your texts or pictures (as these can only be placed within the print area).

At the bottom of the final page of your newspaper, you will also find a Happiedays banner. This banner cannot be removed or overwritten and will appear in both the editor and the PDF file.

Why can’t I open my newspaper template?

This may be connected to your browser. Our online platform is best supported by Chrome. We recommend you always use Chrome as other browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera…) may cause problems when loading, editing or saving.

How eco-friendly is my newspaper?

We print all our newspapers on a rotary press with water-based ink (inkjet). Thanks to this environmentally-friendly technology we can provide you with a fun, unique and eco-friendly newspaper!

Can I see a sample newspaper?

Head over to our Pinterest page and discover the endless possibilities of making your own newspaper.