Make your own printed newspaper

happiedays make your own newspaper online

With Happiedays you can make and print your very own newspaper. Thanks to our user-friendly online editor, you can have your very own personalised newspaper delivered to your home in no time! Are you looking to capture your favourite memories in a newspaper or do you want to surprise a friend with their own copy? No problem! You get to be the editor-in-chief of your own newspaper at Happiedays!

How do you make your own newspaper?

Making your own newspaper is super easy with our online tool. You don’t need to download or install anything. Simply head over to our website and get started with your design immediately.

Choose a template

There are many different templates and designs on our website for you to choose from, or opt for a blank template if you want to start from scratch.

But remember: you decide what you want your newspaper to be about! And the possibilities are endless, so don’t feel boxed-in by the different theme’s and topics of our templates. These templates are merely suggestions to help you on your way. Let your creativity run free!

Adapt the layout

Not only can you decide what you want your newspaper to be about, you can also decide what you want your newspaper to look like. So you’re not bound to the layout of the templates: these are only there to help get your creative juices flowing. You can easily adapt and modify the suggested layout and add lots of fun content and photos of your own!

Place your order

When you’re done designing your newspaper, all you need to do its place the order. Choose how many copies you want: do you want just a single copy, or do you want several? As soon as you’ve placed your order, Happiedays will make sure it’s printed and delivered.

Do you want to capture your favourite memories in your own newspaper? Or do you want to surprise someone with their own copy? With Happiedays, you can make and adapt your own newspaper to wish.