Make your own newspaper online

Make your own newspaper

Happiedays is an online tool which allows you to make your own newspaper as well as have it printed and delivered. Happiedays is a great way to capture those special moments, whether personal or as part of a small group (clubs, organisations, youth movements, small companies, etc).

Make your own newspaper online thanks to Happiedays

Ever thought of making your own newspaper? There are plenty of special occasions worth celebrating with such a unique memento. What’s better than capturing those fun and memorable moments forever with your own newspaper filled with your own photos and content?

Maybe you’re celebrating a personal day of bliss, like a wedding or an anniversary? Or maybe you’re celebrating your favourite sport team’s championship season? Or perhaps you’ve just come from a far and unforgettable backpacking trip through Southern Asia? This would all make for great topics for a personalised newspaper! And a newspaper is far more original than a regular photo album - even if it is digital.

Some fun ideas:

  • Wedding: Thank your wedding guests with a personalised, printed newspaper full of fun photos from your wedding day.
  • Anniversary: A personalised newspaper is the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents.
  • Mother’s Day: Don’t know what gift to get your mother for Mother’s Day? Make a unique newspaper with Happiedays.
  • Companies: Want to surprise your guests with a unique gift? Swap the digital mailing list for a printed newspaper filled with fun photos.
  • ...

Making your own newspaper is child’s play!

Making your own newspaper is quick and easy with Happiedays. All you have to do it choose a design, add your own content (text and images), choose the number of copies you want, and place your order. Happiedays takes care of the rest! You can choose to send your newspaper yourself, or you can provide Happiedays with a list of addresses you want to have a copy of your newspaper delivered to. Yes, it’s that easy!

Capture your special moments forever with Happiedays. Making your own newspaper has never been so simple!