Tips when making your own personalised newspaper:


  • Come prepared.
    Know which photos, texts and quotes you want to include in your newspaper. 
  • Make a rough draft of your layout.
    Grab a pen and a piece of paper and make a rough sketch of your newspaper. This will make the design process much easier. 
  • Choose a fun template.
    There are several newspaper templates for you to choose from to help you jump-start the process. You can also opt for a blank template if you want to start from scratch.
It's super easy. Take a look!


"After our wedding we decided to make our own newspaper to thank our guests. It was a big hit and we were thrilled with the end result. What a lovely token to commemorate the happiest day of our lives!"


Head over to our blog to read more about Kevin and Emily's wedding newspaper!

Make your own newspaper for a wedding - Happiedays

Over 8,000 visitors have beaten you to it... 

Take a look at some of the newspapers we’ve already printed. Will we be adding yours to the list soon?

make and print your own newspaper for a blog - Happiedays


Thanks to Happiedays I was able to create a paper copy of my blog. How cool is that? Pretty cool, right? I love leafing through “my” newspaper! I also handed out a few giveaway copies to my readers to thank them for their continued support!



A few months ago, we made a wedding newspaper detailing our journey together as a couple. How time flies! Thank you Happiedays for bringing such a fun idea to the market! The newspapers were a big hit at our reception!

E. Serruys


My husband and I tied the knot last September! Yay! We decided to have a destination wedding and were looking for a fun way to welcome our guests. So we placed a copy of our wedding newspaper in each room. The end result was fantastic. And we received a lot of positive reactions from our guests.


make and print your own newspaper for an anniversary - Happiedays


I made the newspaper for my neighbours to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary. I very much enjoyed designing the newspaper and the joy it brought these people was invaluable. Everything up to the finishing touches was of great quality! I would definitely recommend it to others!

R. Spitaels

make and print your own newspaper for a wedding - Happiedays


My wife and I based our design on one of the newspaper templates on the website but made sure to give it a personal touch with our own content and layout. We were incredibly happy with the quality of the newspaper: clean and firm paper, great printing quality, and the look and feel of a real newspaper. We would definitely recommend it!

A. Vermeulen

An original gift. A unique souvenir.