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Make a newspaper for a Retirement

Do you know someone who’s worked at the company for years and who’s about to retire? Don’t let this milestone go by unnoticed! Give your colleague the send-off they deserve and thank them for all the years of hard work and dedication and for all the wonderful times spent together. Look back on career highlights, share workplace memories and contemplate your colleague's new-found freedom. A personalised newspaper from Happiedays is the perfect retirement gift to see someone off!

Make your own newspaper retirement - Happiedays
Make your own newspaper anniversary - Happiedays

Make a newspaper for an anniversary

Is your friend or family member celebrating an anniversary? Don’t let this special occasion go by unnoticed! Surprise the lucky one(s) with their own newspaper... It’s the perfect gift idea! Or maybe it’s your own anniversary that you’re celebrating and you’re looking for a unique way to invite your guests to the party? Either way, you can't go wrong with a Happiedays newspaper!

Make a newspaper for a birth announcement

Child birth is nothing short of a miracle! It brings about many beautiful moments and lots of emotions! Happiedays wants to give parents, friends and family the opportunity to record their story. And what better way to capture this long-awaited moment than with a Happiedays newspaper? It’s not only the perfect pregnancy or birth announcement, it’s also a great way to ask someone to be your child’s godparents or to invite your guests to your baby shower or christening. Share these “happiedays” with your loved ones and let everyone know how excited you are with the (future) arrival of your little one.

Make your own newspaper birth announcement - Happiedays
Make your own newspaper wedding - Happiedays

Make a newspaper for a wedding 

Are you getting married soon and are the wedding preparations in full flow? Then don’t miss out on all that Happiedays has to offer! Are you looking for a unique wedding invitation, a trendy and personal centrepiece, or a unique thank-you card to thank your guests for attending? Then a wedding newspaper from Happiedays is the perfect solution! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? A Happiedays newspaper is the perfect wedding gift to surprise the bride and groom with. Looking to make your wedding day an unforgettable experience? Give it a go, with Happiedays!

Make a newspaper for the new working year

Are you a team leader, manager or director looking for an original way to welcome the members of your organisation, association or club at the start of a new working year? Surprise them with their own newspaper! Take this opportunity to welcome the new members, introduce new managers and board members, give an overview of upcoming events, and much more! It’s guaranteed to be a big hit!

Make your own newspaper new working year - Happiedays
Make a newspaper for Valentine's Day

Make a newspaper for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 February and is a day when people shower their partner with a little extra attention. How? Well, there are the classics: flowers, chocolate, jewellery, perfume or a romantic dinner. And while these are all great gifts, there’s an even better way to give a truly personal gift that your partner will undoubtedly cherish. A personalised newspaper is the perfect gift for your Valentine’s Day.

Make a newspaper for a camp

Are you attending a summer camp these school holidays? Theatre camps, sports camps, language camps, Scouts camps, adventure camps and art camps... the possibilities are endless! And while you’re waiting in anticipation, we can assure you that your camp counselors are already busy with the preparations, in order to ensure that you have the time of your life this summer. But no matter how much we look forward to it, there’s no getting around the fact that summer camp always seems to be over in the blink of an eye. Luckily, your camp instructors have one final surprise for you: your own personalised camp newspaper! 

Make your own camp newspaper - Happiedays
Make your own travel/holiday newspaper - Happiedays

Make a newspaper for a holiday

Are you feeling blue because your holiday is over? Capture your most memorable moments in a travel newspaper and relive that holiday feeling together with your travel companions. Reminisce about the week you spent together at the coast with your “coastal journal” or create a photo collage to commemorate your trip to China with your “China Times”. The possibilities are endless!

Make a newspaper for a First Communion

A child’s First Communion is an important rite of passage. No doubt you’ll want to celebrate this special day in your own unique way! Happiedays loves inspiring people to make their big day just that little bit more special. With your own personalised Communion newspaper, you can surprise your guests with a unique invitation to the Communion celebrations, or with an original thank-you card to commemorate your special day!

Make your own newspaper first communion - Happiedays
Make your own Mother's Day newspaper - Happiedays

Make a newspaper for Mother's Day

Giving gifts is part of the age-old tradition of Mother’s Day which is celebrated across the world. Finding the perfect gift for your mum is not always easy, though. How do you make sure your gift is original enough? Unique enough? Creative enough? The most important piece of advice we can give is this: make it as personal as you can! Your mum will love a meaningful, thoughtful gift! And what’s more personal than a personalised newspaper?

Make a newspaper for Father’s Day

Father's Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re surprising your father with a new wallet, gardening tool or beer making kit, giving gifts has long been part of Father’s Day tradition. Are you still looking for the perfect gift to surprise your dad with? Why not wish your dad a happy Father’s Day with a personalised newspaper? Make your own newspaper and dedicate it entirely to your dad! It’s super easy, super fun and super affordable! Your dad will love it!

Make your own Mother's Day newspaper - Happiedays
Make your own end-of-year school newspaper - Happiedays

Make a newspaper for the end of the school year

School’s almost out! Do you want to thank your pupils for all the hard work they’ve done this year and for all the fun times spent together? OR are you looking for a fun and original way to say goodbye to your class teacher and thank them for all they’ve done for you this past year? A box of chocolates or a bottle or wine are great gifts, but nothing beats a unique and personalised gift. With just a handful of group photos, personal messages and other fun content, you can create a special school newspaper that will serve as a unique souvenir for teachers, parents and pupils alike.

Make a newspaper for the start of the school year

Yay, back to school! A new school year is even better with a school newspaper. The first day of school has never been so fun! But the start of a new school year isn’t always plain sailing for everyone. Are you a teacher looking to welcome your news students to your class? Do it with Happiedays! Spoil you students with a back-to-school newspaper and ease their nerves. There’s no better way to start to the school year than with a school newspaper!

Make your own back-to-school newspaper - Happiedays
Make your own newspaper for - Happiedays

Make a newspaper for Halloween

31 October is Halloween! Children dress up in their scariest costumes and go trick-or-treating from door to door. From carving out jack-o’-lanterns to baking your favourite Halloween treats, everyone loves coming up with fun and original Halloween decorations. And what’s more original than your very own Halloween newspaper? Invite your friends to your Halloween party, share your ghostly recipes or surprise others with fun (I mean, scary) facts about this terrifying holiday.

Make a newspaper for Christmas and New Year’s

Looking for an original way to surprise friends and family these Christmas holidays? Tired of sending the same old traditional Christmas and New Year's card? Well then, why not send a holiday card with lots of homemade poems, anecdotes, memories, best wishes and, of course, family photos. Make a Christmas newspaper and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Make a newspaper for Christmas and New Year - Happiedays